January Update

January was another good month of winter training with both long rides and strength and conditioning being done in the gym, working on power! I also went to the Goldsmith Hall for the Endeavour Awards. Unfortunately no award that evening but it ws a real honour just to be put forward for one. And good too to share a photo opportunity with Prince Harry and Meghan!

Team Shot.jpeg

November Update

At the beginning of the month I signed up for the 2018 Invictus Games which are being held in Sydney, with trials for the team taking place in January and March next year.  

As the Winter kicks in it is harder to get out for those longer rides on the street so I went to Lanzarote this month to get some good miles in. The weather was perfect for cycling and, with Lanzarote being a volcanic island, there were lots of climbs to take on. I spent two weeks on the island doing some good endurance training and definitely improved my training and cardio. 

The race calendar for next year has now come out, so I'll be sitting down in the New Year and entering myself for the races. There are events everywhere, from all the UK races to Italy, Belgium, France, Germany and possibly Canada. In addition, I’m looking at maybe entering a marathon in Italy next March just to get a feel for the competition before I go into the season. That way I'll get a heads up on what to expect later in the year.

That's it for now. I look forward to reporting back in a month's time.

All the best,



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October Update

October Update


It has been a quiet month in terms of travelling and challenging, but a good month for training. My new programme - between now and Christmas - is all about getting the miles in and getting stronger so that is exactly what I have been doing. Longer rides both out on the roads and indoors on the turbo trainer - as well as hitting the weights to up my strength. 


Next year's race calendar has just come out so I will be sitting down over the next few weeks and picking the best races for me to compete in.


See you next month,


All the best,






Late September Update


This month has mostly been about testing and bike maintenance.

I completed a test in which my lactose blood levels were taken and also underwent a  fitness test which revealed both my maximum output and maximum threshold levels to have improved by roughly 19 per cent - which is great, training is paying off!

I also travelled to  France but unfortunately my bike was damaged in transition. I have ordered new parts for it and also updated old parts which had suffered through wear and tear.

I should get the bike back in the next day or two and then be back on the road. See below a photo of me undergoing testing at Cardiff University - and I look forward to posting another update next month.




Michael fitness test.jpg

September Update

This month has been very quiet with the build up to the Pyrenees next month and a week off for our annual holiday on Lake Windermere with the kids. 

I have been training mainly from home on the turbo trainer and out on the street, doing both high interval sessions and endurance rides. I went up to North Yorkshire for a few days where I got some good hill training in over the Yorkshire Dales.

Dales 2.JPG

This month has all been about getting the miles in and upping my power watts. I do testing next weeek where I will find out how much I have improved over the last 4--6 weeks of training.  The Pyrenees is less than 2 weeks away and I reckon it's going to be the toughest challenge yet! So exciting times ahead. I promise I'll take plenty of pictures in the Pyrenees and make people take some videos as well. 

See you in a couple of weeks!

Dales 1.JPG

Race Across America

Along with seven other incredible wounded, injured and sick soldiers I took part in the RAAM (Race Across America), the hardest cycle racing event in the world.

Solo sunset better.JPG

We were racing in aid of Help for Heroes, the charity which has helped us all at some point in our recovery.

Solo side on.JPG

We set ourselves a target of seven days to complete this 3081 mile challenge from Oceanside to Annapolis. We started training for this event at the beginning of the year with everyone giving everything right from the start.

We ended up beating our target in a time of six days, 12 hours and 36 minutes which included over a hundred miles extra in diversions along the way. It’s an incredible achievement by a team who have been shot up, blown up and yet still managed to come fifth in their category with the top three teams all including professional cyclists!

Group shot - night.JPG

It was an incredible challenge with an amazing team though some breathtaking scenery and I look forward to doing a lot more challenges just like this one!